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Visit to the Maintenance and Training Center at Paks Nuclear Power Plant     [pdf]         [comments]

OPTIONAL EXCURSION to the Paks Nuclear Power Plant & surroundings on the afternoon of 19th August (100 km to the South along the river Danube)

Visit the only Hungarian Nuclear Power Plant in Paks.
The participants will be guided through a special site of the power plant, the Maintenance Training Center. This is a full-scale replica of the reactor's active zone. The tour will provide an insight into this facility, unique in Europe, and will provide opportunity to encounter with other components of the plant. If time permits, the group will also explore the surrounding area.

Paks Nuclear Power Plant

Paks NPP — Brief history

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Details of the excursion:

It is time to inform you about the details of the excursion to the Paks Nuclear Power Plant (NPP), the single nuclear electricity provider of Hungary.

The excursion is scheduled for the afternoon of 19 August with a departure right after lunch, from the conference site.

After a bus ride of about 1.5 hours, we shall visit the "Maintenance and Training Center" of Paks NPP which is a unique place to see: an institution where you can see the power plant's inner structure in a non-radioactive(!) environment. The original purpose of the center is to imitate the main components of the primary and secondary loop of a VVER-440 type reactor on full scale, to practice every type of maintenance and repair processes for the staff. This time, as a special contribution to the success of TPI-15, the "Maintenance and Training Center" grants access for us to these components in the form of a guided tour.

The historical and professional backgound and other details related to the Paks NPP will be presented in the bus on the way to Paks.

The transportation and the guided tour are free of charge!

After visiting the "Maintenance and Training Center", a self-funded dinner will be organized in a traditional Hungarian (fresh-water) fish restaurant at Paks (where other traditional dishes are also available).

Arrival back to Budapest (to the conference site) is expected between 9 and 10 pm.

If you are interested, please confirm your participation (even if you have done so already) by providing us the following data (by an e-mail to: tpi-15@parrise.elte.hu):
- full name:
- date of birth:
- country of residence:
- passport number [for participants from the EU, an identity card number is sufficient]:

The number of participants is limited by the "Maintenance and Training Center" to 40 persons.

Please take into account that the list of participants will have to be determined on a "first come first served" basis, and return your reply to at your earliest convenience.

For your information, we have to provide the final list to the Paks NPP by 9 August.

Looking forward to seeing you soon,

The Organizers


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